The Ten Series


This Series is recommended for creating the most structural change possible in a systematic process over 10 sessions. It will increase your overall health and decrease muscular tension. During the 10 sessions more time is given to each segment of the body.


Think of what it costs for 4 new tires (I just paid around 900.00) or some dental work (easy to spend more). This is a choice you make to improve your health and become educated on how to maintain a higher level of well-being. This process will empower you for the rest of your life.


“The body process is not linear, it is circular; always it is circular. One thing goes awry, and its effects go on and on. A body is a web, connecting everything with everything else.”

– Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.



1-3  The Superfiscial Sessions

While still working on the entire body, focus is on the muscles near the surface. These muscles are referred to as the “Sleeve.” Right away patterns and compensations are seen, felt and explained to the client in a way that can be understood. A unique body map is observed and a plan of action is put together by the practitioner. These sessions work on the body from the front, side, back, and even while sitting.


4-7  The Core Sessons

These sessions focus on the deeper “Core” musculature of the body. The core muscles assist you in the finer movements that result in an “Integrated” way of moving. Think of how a dancer uses her whole body in a very slow graceful manner or in a fast dynamic way. The pelvis is the first segment to be worked on – session 4, Belly/Psoas session 5, Back/Sacrum session 6, Neck/ Head/Jaw session 7.


8-10   The Integrative Sessions

These sessions will integrate the core and sleeve muscles with each other. In other words – using all that you have, together in a way that is the most efficient. This integrated way of being saves you energy and also produces more energy. With more space in each of your joints there is a greater range of motion to enjoy and express. And with less compression and depression there is a more expanded experience of self.



Integration is the act of bringing things together that were isolated or ignored. Guiding components and segments of the body into a single system that functions as one.

Essential, smooth, flowing – seamless coordination.

Integrity: Uprightness, Wholeness, Courage, Consciousness.



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